Treasury Management Solutions Enable Strategic Treasury Management with GTreasury

Make treasury a strategic function for your business while mitigating risk with our fully integrated treasury management solutions.

The role of the treasury department is becoming more strategic. Today, you might be bogged down with low-value tasks, but GTreasury enables you to broaden your strategic capabilities by consolidating functions into a one-stop shop for treasury management success. With GTreasury, you can pay down and eliminate debt, understand and streamline account structure, improve forecasting, align bank fees of your new acquisitions — and always know exactly where your cash is so you can mitigate risk.

Cash Management

Gain full visibility of all your liquidity in one centralized solution, and eliminate the costs and time associated with unnecessary internal money movement by tapping into GTreasury’s cash positioning, in-house banking, forecasting and cash reporting capabilities.

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Make secure individual or high volume payments globally with ease. Broad connectivity options and a unified visual workflow make it easy to input, review and approve payments without juggling security fobs. Scheduling makes future transfers easier, and our fully compliant solution makes your life simpler.

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Financial Instruments

The complexity of your financial instrument needs are specific to your organization. GTreasury can handle them all. Our integrated approval workflow separates front, middle and back-office functions. Automatically generate integrated cash flow and payment events for critical cash management operations, create calendars to ensure proper calculations, develop mark-to-market valuations and sensitivity measurement for your entire portfolio and manage every instrument, across all asset classes.

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Risk Management

Powered by Visual Risk, GTreasury’s financial risk management solution enables risk managers to easily analyze complex data and then design risk mitigation strategies, so you’re able to process, interpret, and display data via a unique reporting dashboard. By quantifying market risk sensitivities within your underlying positions, our solution enables you to dynamically analyze and stress test both exisitng portfolios and potential ‘what-if’ hedging strategies and exposures.

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Eliminate month-end crunch time with automated posting entries and daily account activity reports that keep you on track and focusing on targeted functions. Our accounting solution stores your chart of accounts across various ledgers and offers a multitude of benefits including auto-tagging journal entries and integrating to your ERP for GL postings.

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By managing all accounts and signatories in one solution and conducting in-depth bank fee analysis with ease, our Banking solution takes you out of the weeds and into a more strategic mindset.

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As a cloud-based platform, GTreasury provides constant access to your data via SWIFT or any third party so you can report anytime, anywhere. With our flexible connectivity infrastructure, you can cost effectively manage your treasury with greater accuracy and awareness.

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Security & Compliance

Prioritize treasury compliance and security without sacrificing functionality. GTreasury offers various security and multi-factor authentication options, providing extra layers of protection to suit your organization’s needs.

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Hedge Accounting

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