Case Study: Bank Of US

Bank of us unleashes rich analytical capabilities of GTreasury for treasury management and has transformed Bank of us’s treasury managementand ALM operations over the past three... CONTINUE READING

Ready for take-off: Auckland Airport reaches new heights with consolidated treasury management

Auckland Airport reaches new heights with consolidated treasury management from GTreasury.  Learn how Aukland Airport were  impressed with the company’s reputation, the robust functionality of the... CONTINUE READING

Solutions Overview: Banking

Applying technology to manage the minutia of banking activities can’t be an afterthought. It needs to be part of a holistic approach that synchronizes the activity... CONTINUE READING

Solutions Overview: Payments

Sure, it’s simpler to give your company’s departments and entities the flexibility to manage their own payments. But as the number of your bank relationships grow,... CONTINUE READING

Solutions Overview: Financial Instruments

If you’re managing your financial instruments from multiple systems or spreadsheets, you’re missing the big picture on your obligations and their impact on your liquidity. To... CONTINUE READING

Solution Overview: Risk Management

The financial world and all the players in it are in constant flux, affecting the level of risk to your business. With GTreasury, it’s easy to... CONTINUE READING

Solution Overview: Hedge Accounting

In hedge accounting, expertise really does matter. GTreasury’s market-leading Hedge Accounting solution was built by the best financial engineers in the business. For you, that means... CONTINUE READING

Solution Overview: Accounting

Many organizations simply throw bodies at the accounting function as they grow. But that approach is a band-aid solution for the real issue – the lack... CONTINUE READING

Solution Overview: Cash Management

You shouldn’t have to spend any time identifying where your company’s cash is or consolidating the apples and oranges data that reside across different accounts, banks,... CONTINUE READING

Cash Forecasting at Waterton

Waterton is an entity-heavy, private equity real estate investment fund management firm. It manages cash across more than 200 bank accounts with up to 12 bank... CONTINUE READING

Webinar Playback: Interest Rate Volatility: A Decade’s End Game

The increasing volatility of interest rates is creating uncertainty that must be addressed thoughtfully, given the long run of low and stable rates brought to us... CONTINUE READING

Webinar Playback: GTreasury System Overview 11.15.18

GTreasury’s comprehensive TMS platform can assist any corporation by providing the tools, visibility, and efficiency to assist them in moving their treasury functions from operational to... CONTINUE READING

Webinar Playback: 2018 Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey Results

Since 2011, Strategic Treasurer’s annual Cash Forecasting & Visibility survey has analyzed the variety of strategies, practices, and technologies used by organizations of all sizes to... CONTINUE READING

Webinar Playback: How Farmers Insurance Future Proofed Their Treasury

The selection process for a Treasury Management System requires a review of your organization’s current needs and consideration of future requirements. But who can predict the... CONTINUE READING

Webinar Playback: Forecasting | Setting Expectations & Achieving Results

Everyone talks about cash flow forecasting. Improving the forecast is on nearly everyone’s yearly objective list, yet few rate themselves as excellent or even very good... CONTINUE READING

Making Tax Payments Less Taxing at Horace Mann

Horace Mann’s collaborated with GTreasury to implement the a solution that has helped treasury overturn the fallacy that it is the company’s cost center, instead emphasizing... CONTINUE READING

Bye Bye Bank Systems | Replacing a legacy bank system with a TMS

Unlike a bank system, a TMS connects all of your bank accounts from all banks through a single platform. In a TMS, you can evaluate your... CONTINUE READING

The E’s & M’s | How to successfully implement and maintain your TMS

Every implementation of a treasury workstation starts with a need. Whether your spreadsheets or your current system no longer work or there are too many shortcomings... CONTINUE READING

Building the Business Case | The journey to getting a TMS

There are three keys to getting a treasury system. First, you need a solid business reason for wanting to purchase a TMS. Second, you need to... CONTINUE READING

Cybersecurity | Plan Your Defensive Strategy

For many organizations today, cybersecurity stands as a top priority to keep their information and systems safe from theft, damages, or disruptions. Within the financial industry,... CONTINUE READING

GTreasury Helps Love’s Country Stores Improve Treasury Operations with Minimal Staff Growth

When a company grows, its employee base generally grows with it, on both the operations and administrative sides of the business. In the case of the... CONTINUE READING